Within the business landscape, intangible assets hold significant financial and legal worth. Research suggests that these intangible assets contribute to over 80% of a company’s overall value. Businesses boasting robust intellectual property and data portfolios present prime investment prospects for discerning investors.


Utilizing your intellectual property and data as collateral can expand your access to credit. At Snowfox Ventures, we enhance the likelihood of securing a successful loan by collaborating closely with you to assess the value of your intangible assets.


Snowfox Ventures provides potential Financing Sources and Borrowers seeking financing, the following unique benefits:

Innovative Risk Mitigated Intellectual Property Debt Financing: including an underwriting process and a system that values unique intellectual property as collateral and monetizes related general intangible assets.
Our Independent IP & Data valuation process enables a unique structured synthetic equity financing structured as debt.
Provides IP holders cost-effective debt capital for growth, replacing higher cost dilutive equity capital funding.Helps Lenders to mitigate risk with lower loan-to-value debt financing and higher recovery for any IP asset liquidation.
Facilitates insured and uninsured IP debt collateral products tailored to various lending objectives and guidelines.