You Face Capital Gains Tax Challenges. We See Possibilities.

For years , Snowfox Ventures has dedicated its efforts to assisting investors nationwide in achieving their financial objectives amidst the sale of their appreciating assets, addressing their capital gains tax concerns. Our primary focus revolves around aiding individuals in selling their businesses, real estate, cryptocurrencies, or other highly valued assets, enabling liberation from Capital Gains Tax through the Deferred Sales Trust. Collaborating closely with the originator of the DST, we assess your circumstances comprehensively and offer guidance, evaluating the potential utilization of the DST or other alternatives for managing capital gains tax liabilities.

Experts in Commercial Real Estate Investing, Brokerage and Development

We are experts in commercial real estate and believe the best way to build wealth is through practising optimal timing with value add, hands-on real estate, or business investments. We also work with top Wealth Advisers who help to create a balanced financial plan that gives liquidity, diversification and optimal timing for you and the DST.

Transaction Coordination

We provide one-to-one business owner & investor guidance throughout your or your client’s transaction. Capital Gains Tax Solutions studies and practices a lean six sigma continuous improvement Smart Sheet system process. We have a full-time transaction coordinator team member to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, so your transaction closes on time.